(ABC4) – Bee populations have steadily been declining over the last few decades. Young Living partnered with Dr. Joseph Wilson, author of “The Bees in Your Backyard: A Guide to North America’s Bees,” to learn more about native bee populations. 

“We feel extremely passionate about this partnership with Dr. Wilson as we dive into this research on local native bee species,” said Deven Patten, director of sustainability at Young Living. “Native bees are so important because they pollinate native plants, many of which can’t be pollinated by introduced bees. This research will be extremely useful as we dive in and begin to make our lavender farms a sanctuary for many different bee species, continuing Young Living’s commitment to serving our planet.”

On Earth Day, Young Living hosted 50 volunteers at its headquarters in Lehi where they built bee hotels for native bee species across Utah.

The hotels are constructed out of weeds and serve as a permanent home for all types of bees. Bee homes can be built in different ways such as drilling holes into a piece of lumber or creating nest bundles of tunnels out of carboard straws or bamboo.

Bees are the key pollinators for the worlds flowering plants and help cultivate almost 85% of crops. Since bee populations are on the decline, manmade homes can help bee populations grow more quickly.