ROY, UTAH (ABC4 News) – One case of COVID-19 at Sand Ridge Jr. High in Weber County has led to 100 students having to quarantine for potentially being exposed to the virus.

Students gathered on campus Thursday morning at Sand Ridge Jr. High, but there are about a hundred quarantined, learning from home.

“My granddaughter is in one of the elementary schools and her friend down the street sister, is one of the ones who got sent home from Sand Ridge Jr. High,” said Brad Butler, a Roy resident.

Butler says he believes quarantining students is ineffective.

“I’m just curious why they would send 100 students home to hang out with their brothers and sisters to go back to the elementary school and the high school,” said Butler.

School leaders say nearly a hundred students were sent home, after contract tracing.

“If you were within 6 feet of somebody for more than 15 mins you would be considered a close contact,” said Lane Findlay of Weber School District.

“In a junior high you have 7 class periods, you have lunch and transportation and other things you have to consider so we were able to identify approximately 100 kids who were potentially exposed,” said Findlay.

There are several isolated positive cases in a few schools in the district, according to Findlay but the district doesn’t release information on single isolated cases.

“We deal with those individually one on one, we’ve been fortunate so far that we don’t have an outbreak, meaning we don’t have multiple individuals in one school that are testing positive,” he added.

Findlay says the district is working on a system to better track cases of COVID-19 in schools with nurses and the health department.

“We’re working on a system to kind of streamline some of that process and be able to use that data to drive our response,” said Findlay.

Findlay says it’s important for students to continue to practice safe hygiene and wear masks to prevent an outbreak in the schools.

Findlay says students in quarantine are learning from home and after 14 days if students don’t have any symptoms, they can go back to school. He added the district is prepared to switch to all online learning if there is an outbreak.

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