MIDVALE, Utah (ABC4 News) – We are learning there may be another city looking to withdraw from the Unified Police Department. Midvale City is currently working on a feasibility study to see if it is even possible to reactivate its own police department.

This comes on the wake of Taylorsville’s announcement to leave UPD.

The study comes after several months of exploring options that derived from a budget meeting.

“The intent of that is for us to come up with some guidance as to whether or not we would achieve that cost savings,” said Midvale City Assistant City Manager Matt Dahl.

The preliminary report indicates the city could save up to $750,000.

Midvale City’s current contract with Unified Police is worth roughly $9-million.

For the $9-million, Midvale could reactivate it’s police department, bringing on nearly 70 new employees.

“There would be differences if we offered our own police department,” Dahl said.

Midvale estimates hiring 52-56 officers, which includes a police chief, lieutenants, sergeants, and detectives. An additional 7-11 civilian employees and a 3,500 square foot building for evidence and forensics, and the necessary equipment to run the department.

“We want to make sure we are providing cost savings to our community, but that is not intended to be any kind of critique on the services UPD provides,” Dahl adds. “We have fantastic officers working out of our Midvale Precinct and we are very appreciative of the work they do in our community”

Sheriff Rosie Rivera hopes the Midvale City leaders will weigh all options before making a decision.

“There are lots of places that we can make adjustments and our goal is to not cause the other members a huge increase in their budgets,” said the sheriff.

Midvale would need to give a year’s notice to UPD if it plans on leaving. Part of that information could come out at next week’s city council meeting.

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Jason Nguyen
Jason Nguyen is an award-winning reporter and photojournalist who is back with ABC4 News as the lead reporter on Good Morning Utah, bringing over a decade of news experience to the team.