(ABC4) – Ever raise your glass to a higher power?

Coors Light is giving fans the opportunity to do just that by releasing their new limited-edition beer dubbed “Coors Almighty Light.”

The inspiration for the bubbly beverage stemmed from the rock band Foo Fighters’ new horror film being released on Feb. 25 called “Studio 666.”

The video features the band writing and recording their tenth studio album, “Medicine at Midnight.” The film showcases frontman Dave Grohl possessed by supernatural forces that threaten the completion of the album and the lives of the band.

Coors Light has announced their plan to come to Grohl’s rescue by adding demon-fighting properties to his favorite beer.

Coors Almighty Light, available for a limited time only, has been made with Rocky Mountain Water that has been blessed by a spiritual guru.

Fans will have the opportunity to win a Coors Almighty Light just in time to protect their souls against the debut of “Studio 666.”

For a chance to win, click here.