Conway Mayor Proposes $3.5 Million Recreational Facility

CONWAY, AR – Dozens of people packed the Conway district court building hoping to influence the Conway City Council’s decision on a proposed recreational facility.

“The location is great. The size of the venue is perfect there aren’t many places to buy big pieces of property,” said one resident.

“Million dollar purchase of an empty building just to get started seems excessive,” says Mark Elsinger.

Conway Mayor Tab Townsell is proposing to buy the old Spirit Homes facility on the south side of Conway for $3.5 million.

“This gives us more opportunities and to me this is a no brainer,” says Mayor Townsell.

The proposed plan is to put in an Olympic sided pool, ice skating rink, tennis courts, rock climbing walls among other things.

“This is a great opportunity for us. We would probably never build a building this big to handle as many possible uses,” says Townsell.

Mayor Townsell says the money would come from part of the parks advertising and promotion tax, “By law it can only be used for parks capital or parks operating. It cannot be used for anything else.”

Some citizens have concerns that the tax couldn’t cover all the costs, costing future taxpayers, “If we do it the way we’re talking about these kids will be paying for it for the rest of their lives.”

But even some of Conway’s youngest citizens are hoping the council makes the proposed pool a reality.

“I feel as though we’d have more room to grow and that we would just be a better community.”

The city council was supposed to vote on the proposal Tuesday night, however they didn’t get the review they needed on the Spirit Homes facility until the end of the day. They are pushing the vote back until the city council meeting next week.

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