UTAH (ABC4) – Jonathan Soberanis has been charged several times, accused of sexual offenses against children, but in every instance, the competency report found him incompetent to stand trial and the case was dismissed. 

According to court documents, Soberanis has been accused of crawling under boys’ dressing rooms, showing his genitals, and masturbating in front of children. 

Monday’s case stems from an incident where police said Soberanis touched a naked child at a recreation center and then urinated on the child. 

In a separate pending case, Soberanis is facing child pornography charges. Investigators reported he used multiple email accounts and suggested he was able to edit the pornography himself. 

Stephanie Davis said her son is one of Soberanis’ victims and this evidence shows he is capable. But in Monday’s proceedings, the competency report listed him as not competent to stand trial. 

Davis said one of the most upsetting things in the psychologist’s report is what Soberanis said when asked if he was worried about how much time he could spend in prison. 

According to the report, Soberanis said, “No, I don’t think so. My mom tells me not to worry and says God has his plan or something like that.” 

“It’s teaching him he can get away with hurting children in the most heinous way and nobody loses sleep over the things that he’s done, nobody,” said Davis. “Tell him he’s going to be okay and then comfort him, but ignore what these things do to victims. My son is still suffering.”

The psychologist also cited past reports from examiners who came to the same conclusion in past cases. The diagnoses included autism, depressive disorder, ADHD and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. The latest report listed him as having an unspecified neurodevelopmental disorder, stating no disorder appears to be responsible for all deficits. 

The report also revealed data showing Soberanis did significantly better on certain tests, but the examiner said that was not concerning and it had to do with his effort. The psychologist added he did not believe Soberanis was faking his symptoms.