Utah County nail tech to provide Easter egg hunt for local families

Community Over Crisis

Local Easter egg hunt for community families. Courtesy: Shelby Revill

LEHI, Utah (ABC4 News) – In the beginning stages of the COVID-19 pandemic across Utah, it became obvious to many hair and nail salons that business would began to take a toll.

While some salons continued to serve customers in a socially distanced environment, following the Centers for Disease Control sanitary guidelines, others closed their shops altogether.

It was then that 19-year-old Shelby Revlll, a nail tech at Amara in Lehi was told her salon may face a temporary shut-down. Initially, employees were given a choice to continue working at the salon which may pose a risk of potentially becoming infected with the virus due to contact with clients. Or if they didn’t feel safe, the employee could take a temporary lay-off. Shelby says after speaking with family about how the virus was affecting her place of employment, taking into account the risk of continuing to work, it was best to stop working until things calmed down. Ultimately, with the statewide mandates for non-essential businesses to temporarily cease operation, Amara had to close.

As a commission-based employee, Revill needed to figure out another way to earn money. Shelby tells ABC4, “I was raised in a service-oriented family, and I wanted to do something that would be service to the community.” Shelby and her family reside in Lehi, where a socially distanced community Easter Egg Hunt had taken a place last Saturday, April 4.

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With Easter Sunday on the horizon, many families have re-organized or even cancelled their scheduled Easter activities, including Easter egg hunts to prevent mass gatherings. Shelby’s mom originally wanted to sign up as a volunteer but the deadline had come and gone, then they came up with an idea to do their own egg hunt. Knowing her daughter’s employment situation, Shelby’s mom suggested maybe this would be a good way to make some money by charging families a small price to fill Easter eggs and deliver them to families in the community.

Shelby says, “I made a post on my Facebook about what she’s doing and if any families would be interested, I got so much reaction and families that reached out with requests to surprise their children with Easter eggs.”

Revill roughly had over 20 families sign up to have Easter eggs hidden in their yards. Shelby along with her parents and older brother will deliver nearly 900 eggs filled with candy to homes between Lehi, Saratoga Springs, and Springville early Saturday morning. “It took me about 3 days to fill all these eggs with candy” Shelby said. The family crafted a map of all the homes in the areas and says they plan to have all the eggs within a few hours. Additionally each parent was assured all sanitary and safe guidelines are followed during the process of filling the eggs.

Shelby Revill, stuffing easter eggs with candy

Shelby has plans to return back to Amara as a nail technician once the pandemic is over, but for now she says it’s a great feeling to do something for her community.

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