OGDEN, Utah (ABC4 News) – Despite being open for pick up orders, changes as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak have lead to economic struggles for business owners. Now some in Ogden have come together to help their community.

The owners of Wimpy and Fritz started the movement, Ogden Paying it Forward to help local businesses in Northern Utah during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The idea started with an entirely different type of movement called Kicks it Forward, started by business owner Lefty Montoya.

“I’m a sneaker-head, I’ve been collecting shoes for a lot of years, and I can’t wear them all so I decided I’m going to give away a pair of shoes to a kid that needs them, like a self-esteem boost,” said Owner of Wimpy & Fritz, Lane “Lefty” Montoya.

Then, the Ogden Taco Cartel thought of buying a family dinner.

“And in doing that it started like a triple effect, people started calling in and wanting to buy dinner for other people that are in the industry,” said Montoya.

Cheffin’ up tacos, with a side of ideas.

“We ended up buying a bunch of gift cards, for local restaurants like Tona and Sonora Grill and everybody in our neighborhood and we ended up like shooting it out to Provo to our buddy that owns Sweets Hawaiian Grill,” said Montoya.

“We got record stores, we got two donations from a coffee place, a donation from a local pie and fry, other Mexican restaurants have donated things,” said Owner of Wimpy & Fritz, Brian Zinsmann.

The goal is to keep local businesses running and help those in need.

“Everyone is keeping everyone afloat, everyone realizes all ships rise with the same tide and this is a rad cooperative right now,” said Zinsmann.

Defining their community as “rad” and hoping others will pick up the new trend in other cities.

To donate to the cause, go to their Instagram @wimpy_and_fritz or you can go to their Facebook, Wimpy and Fritz.