Community Over Crisis: Principal drives 800 miles to visit Graduating seniors

Community Over Crisis

TX Principal visits over 600 High School seniors.
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TEXAS (CNN Newssource) – In most places in the country students aren’t able to gather right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While some might be glad to get out of calculus, it’s not just classes they’re missing.

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High School graduation is a rite of passage, in Texas a principal in Texas wanted to give seniors a version of it despite the coronavirus. He and his wife tried to visit every graduation senior at his school…all 612 of them. It took them 12 days, and about eight hundred miles.

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Virdie Montgomery, Principal of Wylie High School in Dallas, Texas said “I’m expecting them, but a bunch of cars to come by and honking their horns and stuff and a wave. Everybody waving and hugging at each other. “We were doing some things for them, but I just never felt like I had done enough. So I said, the next best thing is just to go see him. So that’s what I did. My wife and I hooked up in a car and for the last 12 days we’ve been on the road.”

Wylie High School student, Megan Emmert commented by saying” He has a heart for all, every single one of us, and he really loves AMO. He will forever be a great principal.”

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After several tanks of gas, and nearly two weeks of driving, Principal Montgomery also took time to participate in a drive-by birthday celebration for one of the seniors.

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