PLEASANT GROVE, Utah (ABC4 News) – Enedina Schroeppel is a hard-working mother of five and a successful restaurant owner, and like many restaurant owners, things haven’t been easy the past week or two amid the coronavirus outbreak. These past weeks have especially been difficult for the Schroeppel family as Enedina’s husband, Scott Schroeppel, passed away at the end of February.

“It is just shocking to me that I have to keep going during this time,” says Enedina. “There are lots of feelings of just me by myself fighting through this crisis right now. It is very hard and people are the only ones that can support you right now.” 

Scott and Enedina opened up their first restaurant together in 1987 and were side by side running their family restaurants ever since. After Scott’s passing in February, Enedina chose to close their restaurant, Cocolito’s, for two weeks. The Pleasant Grove restaurant was only reopened for two weeks until the state banned all dine-in options because of the coronavirus.

“When the governor shut the restaurants down, she was just trying to get back on her feet and she was like, what am I going to do?” says Enedina’s sister-in-law, Jackie Schroeppel.

But in the middle of mourning a loved one’s passing and trying to keep the family restaurant going during the coronavirus, the community of Pleasant Grove has stepped up to show their love and support, just like Enedina has always done for her customers. 

“She is seriously one of the most Christ-like, hardest working people I have ever met. Anybody that knows her and goes into the restaurant absolutely adores her,” says Jackie. “I have been so impressed by family and friends. This community has tried so hard to take care of them.” 

Jackie Schroeppel and other of Enedina’s family members took to social media to share Enedina’s story and the hard times she has been going through in the past few weeks. 

The social media posts by different family members have been shared by members of the Pleasant Grove community and beyond dozens and dozens of times. 

“I love that people care and that they share and I can’t even begin to tell you how busy they have been,” says Jackie.

Enedina says that she has been so grateful for the community at this time and people have been so generous with their takeout orders. While Enedina says she has been relying heavily on her faith during this time because she can no longer rely on support from her husband, she also has begun to rely on the support of other people saying, “they are not just my customers, they are my friends.”

“It is amazing how people have responded. There are so many good people in the community,” Enedina says.

If you would like to support Enedina and the Schroeppel family and get your Mexican food fix, Cocolito’s is located at 93 South Main Street, Pleasant Grove. Their take-out number is 801-785-4841.

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