DAVIS COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 News) – With parents and kids spending more time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a Utah father and daughter duo are creating music that’s reaching thousands.

Savanna and Mat Shaw are sharing their musical talent via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and are receiving an outpouring of gratitude from thousands online.

“I’m in a children’s choir at the Hale Center Theatre and our practices got canceled because of the virus and I wanted to be able to keep in touch with all my friends,” said 15-year-old Savanna Shaw.

Following an impromptu duet with her dad, Savannah said she had no clue it would reach far beyond her choir friends.

“I never thought I’d be able to touch lives like this, but it’s been really awesome to be able to talk to so many people,” Savanna Shaw said.

With growing numbers of people testing positive for COVID-19 and an earthquake in recent days, Mat Shaw said he hopes the music he and his daughter are singing brings a message of hope to many.

“I’ve heard it that the only thing more contagious than a virus can be fear and hope,” Mat Shaw said. “And so, we’re trying to do our little part in the world to spread some hope.”

As Mat and Savanna Shaw continue to sing more songs and reach audiences larger than they ever imagined, the father and daughter duo said this experience is one they’ll always cherish.

“This time of quarantine has kinda brought us together in music. In a way that really is touching to me,” Mat Shaw said, “cause I get to spend something that I love doing and a past that I’ve loved, as we get to share this music together.”

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