SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Family and friends came together to celebrate a young boy’s birthday in Salt Lake City, all while practicing social distancing. 

Michael Bahati turned 11 years Old on Friday.

Bahiti’s mother tricked him into thinking he was in trouble and that his teacher was outside.

When he went outside, Michael was greeted to a drive-by birthday party from his friends. His friends drove by with homemade signs and honked their car horns to wish him the best.

“It was the best surprise birthday,” Michael told ABC4 News.

“We know and understand that these are very difficult times for everybody, and for all the families who came here to show support to Michael, we really appreciate it,” his older sister Christelle said.

Michael ended the day with some of his favorite foods cooked by his mother, who owns a Congolese catering company.