Clearlink Sends 40 Employees to Louisiana for Disaster Relief


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) Utah-based Clearlink sent a task force of employees from their Salt Lake City, Orem, and Phoenix offices to offer hands-on relief efforts to the victims of the most recent historic flooding in Louisiana. 

Clearlink CEO and Founder, Phil Hansen presented employees with the opportunity to support the needs of Louisiana flood victims through hands-on labor and was met with an overwhelming response. 
Volunteers drove 15-passenger vans, converged, mid-route in Dallas, TX, and caravanned into Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Clearlinkers worked with EVACUTEER through Trinity Lutheran Church in Baton Rouge to muck and gut homes in the area.  
Employee volunteers, from all areas and levels of the organization, spent their week working in the trenches of Baton Rouge, helping area homeowners clean-up their damaged homes – pulling aside valuables that can be saved, moving all non-salvageable items from inside the home onto the curb for pick-up, and removing drywall and flooring.
“It felt like a unique opportunity to serve. I’m as guilty as anyone who quickly mourns for others’ losses in other parts of the country/world. This time I was given the chance to serve with a group of caring individuals. The Louisiana flood became personal since we were given the chance to say “yes, I want to help,” said Ryan Kaltenbach, Clearlink Forecast Analyst. 

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