SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) –  With several days of snow expected along the Wasatch Front. Police are reminding people that not properly clearing off your car can lead to a ticket. They note how dangerous snow and ice flying off a car can be.

No matter how often it snows many will see several cars that haven’t cleared snow from at least one part of their vehicle. Often that’s the roof where ice can also form. Det. Cody Lougy with Salt Lake City Police notes the damage that can happen once cars speed up.

“The back window or off the rooftop of the vehicle it actually breaks off at a high rate of speed and they’ve taken out windshields,” said Det. Lougy.

Police remind people not clearing all of your windows, or causing dangerous conditions on the road can lead to a ticket.

Many drivers say it’s something they’ve seen causing too many issues on the road. Marvin Pepper told us there is nothing he hates like getting stuck behind someone who hasn’t cleared their cars.

“It does bother me when it comes flying off their car and comes landing on my car,” said Pepper. “I don’t think people realize they are responsible for that accident if they cause it.”

Police remind drivers to give themselves extra time to clear all of the snow off their vehicle before driving. They note other big safety concerns are those who don’t clear their headlights or taillights.