UTAH (ABC4) – With National Nurses Day approaching, Chipotle Mexican Grill is taking steps to support healthcare heroes amid the pandemic recession.

The franchise announced today that it will be recognizing 2,000 medical professionals by awarding them with free Chipotle for a year, amounting to more than $1 million in free food. As stated by representatives of Chipotle, this will mark the most “free Chipotle for a year” awards given out at one time in the company’s history. 

Beginning now and lasting until May 6 which is National Nurses Day, fans can participate in the campaign by tagging a healthcare hero who is important to them or to their community and leaving a comment about their strenuous efforts on Chipotle’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account

Come the week of May 9, Chipotle will cherry-pick 2,000 tagged medical professionals to randomly receive free Chipotle for a year. Chosen healthcare professionals will be notified through direct messages.

“The morale of our healthcare heroes becomes more and more important each year,” said Chris Brandt, Chief Marketing Officer of Chipotle. “With the help of our fans, we’re starting a movement for genuine recognition of our medical professionals that will fuel many of them with real food for a full year.”