OGDEN, Utah (News4Utah) –  Admitted sex offender Weston Kubbe asked for forgiveness and apologized to the young victims and their families.

But the father of one of the victims said they were in no mood for forgiveness.

“He only apologized because he was caught,” said the father whose name is not being released.

In all, Kubbe pleaded guilty to sexually molesting six young victims.  He was sentenced Friday in Ogden district court for the three victims who were violated in Weber County.

For those crimes, Judge Michael Direda sentenced Kubbe to a minimum of 30 years to life in prison.  It was more severe that the punishment he received in Salt Lake’s district court where he was sentenced last week for molesting three more victims as well.

Kubbe was arrested in 2016 after an Amber Alert was issued for one of his victims who was with Kubbe.

In court Kubbe said his good intentions went awry.

“I thought I was mentoring them but what I’ve done is inexcusable,” Kubbe said.

One of the boys was in court, along with his family and the father of a second victim.

A letter written by the then 12-year-old told the judge of being raped and its affect on him personally.

“At times I was confused,” the boy said in his written statement.  “I was confused.  I was told to lie.  That night I was raped when it was over I didn’t think things would ever be the same.  What would people think of me?”

His mother also addressed the court.  She said when he disappeared she was terrified.  She said after learning what had happened he had to go through a number of tests like HIV and Hepatitis.  And then she said he was victimized again.

“All kids in his school knew what happened to him,” the mother said.  “Kids kept bugging him.  He told them and they told their parents.”

He said the principal called him into his office and was reprimanded.

“I went from hating no one to hating everyone,” the mother said.

After hearing their testimony Kubbe then addressed the court.

“I want these boys to understand how truly sorry I am,” Kubbe said.  “I hope that one day that they will be able to forgive me for my mistakes. I ruined my life, my family but most important I ruined the lives of these boys.   

 His attorney asked for leniency claiming that Kubbe was a victim of sex abuse as a child.  But prosecutors and family members asked for the maximum sentence. Judge Direda said he could not overlook the number of victims as well as a 2009 case.

 “You had an opportunity to be a force for good, instead you exploited their vulnerabilities,” Judge Direda said.  “You were a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

 When the sentence for each crime was combined, Kubbe will serve a minimum of 30 years to life in prison.

One of the father’s of the 11-year-old said they were satisfied with the sentence.

“We’re happy with the sentence,” said the father.  “Justice was served in this case.”

The father of the 12-year-old said the sentence will keep the public safe from a sexual predator.

“Justice needed to be served,” the father said.  “He was a danger to the community so his prison sentence will keep everyone safe.”