UTAH COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Charges could be possible after thousands attended a Halloween party in Utah County Saturday night.

Party-goers who attended an anti-covid party and the event’s coordinators are the targets of an investigation into if anyone will be charged criminally for not adhering to the county’s high-risk level protocols that include a mask mandate, social distancing, and group size restrictions.

Thousands of people attended a rave called “The protest on Halloween” at the Knolls last night in Utah County. The organizers for the event posted on Instagram calling gatherings “essentials” for public health.

Utah County Officials say they arrived after a helicopter was called in to help a woman who was unconscious. Sgt. Cannon says the woman was thrown around by the crowd and hit her head. She was eventually taken to the hospital by ambulance, not helicopter after suffering lacerations to her head.

Eyewitnesses told us most people were not wearing masks, following covid guidelines, and running away from police.

“The risks of it are significant and I’m not just talking about what we’re all enduring right now with the pandemic, certainly there are concerns there but our main concerns relate to the planning of it,” said Utah County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Spencer Cannon. 

Sgt. Cannon says the party was immediately shut down because the organizers did not request a permit. He adds no arrests were made at the party.

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