Chalk Hills Gypsum Mine gets approval for a 150-acre expansion


PRICE, Utah – The BLM said that Diamond K. Gypsum could mine a pharmaceutical-grade gypsum deposit at the Chalk Hills Mine.

150 acres of land will be disturbed to get the mineral out of the ground and is expected to net 1.5 million yards of gypsum. This is not a new mine, and the decision will also keep the existing mine open for another 28 years.

Gypsum is used in many products, from Plaster of Paris and Stucco to being used in food, a form of the mined material acts as a coagulant to hold Tofu together. The FDA allows its use in Cheese, Cereal flours, Bakery products, Frozen Desserts, and a preservative.

Pharmaceutical grade gypsum is a very high grade of Gypsum and is known as Calcium Sulfate or CaSO4. This is used in food applications.

The tract of land is located 40 miles south of Price, Utah, and accessed by using County Road 405.

In a release sent to ABC4 News, “The Environmental Assessment (EA) analyzed the project’s potential impacts to rangeland health, range AUMs, range infrastructure, native plants, sensitive and threatened and endangered plants, and the introduction of noxious and invasive weeds.

A Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) has also been issued, and the EA and FONSI can be viewed at” 

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