LEHI, Utah (ABC4) — While responding to a possible trespassing incident, police say they saw a woman mouth the words ‘help me’ from within her residence and a man in his underwear sitting next to her, according to probable cause statements.

Lehi Police responded to a trespassing call on May 27 and reportedly found suspect Parker Syddall, 24, sitting next to a victim with a large hole in the wall and a laptop on the ground.

The residents told police Syddall “had randomly walked into their home.” They said they had never seen him before but one resident initially assumed it was one of their roommate’s friends. They told police the suspect then began “shouting and talking about how he was God,” according to the affidavit.

The suspect then reportedly “grabbed one of the laptops on the ground and threw it at the wall,” creating a large hole in the wall and damaging the laptop. He also allegedly threw other items around the room.

“During this time, two of the victims ran into the back bedroom where they locked the door and called 911. The third victim explained to us that she had not left the room because she was too close to Parker [Syddall] and worried that she would be hurt by Parker if she tried to leave,” the police report said.

The remaining victim also said she grabbed her laptop and scissors to keep them away from the suspect. He then allegedly started speaking about explicit topics with her and ripped a necklace off her neck, leaving a red mark on the victim.

When police arrived, Syddall allegedly resisted arrest by fighting with officers which led to another hole in the wall, police say this time caused by his body in the struggle. Medics arrived and authorities reportedly tied him to a gurney and transported him to Utah Valley Hospital.

Syddall faces a kidnapping charge, a second-degree felony, as one of the victims said she did not feel safe to leave, and an assault charge, a misdemeanor, for allegedly ripping off her necklace.

He was booked on May 27 in the Utah County Jail.