EMERY COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) — A fire in Lighthouse Canyon grew on Wednesday after “a combination of factors” created a spot fire about a quarter-mile away from the main fire.

Utah Fire Info said a gust of wind picked up embers from a burning tree in the main fire into dry bush new Range Valley Mountain Road. Crews estimate the spot fire to be estimated at about 150 acres, however, smoke has limited visibility and made it difficult for firefighters to determine the actual size.

The new fire location is reportedly threatening a building about another quarter-mile away. Fire crews, including two helicopters and an air-attack plane, have been working to contain the spot fire by dropping retardant in the space between the fire and the building. The retardant will work to slow the spread of the flames and make attacking the fire more manageable.

Smoke from both the main fire and the spot fire can be seen in eastern Utah and western Colorado, which fire crews said is to be expected, due to fire behavior, prevailing winds and weather conditions.

The Lighthouse Canyon fire began on Wednesday, Aug. 16 after lighting struck in the wilderness. The main fire is burning about 16 miles southeast of East Carbon on the east side of Range Creek.

According to Utah Fire Info, the Lighthouse fire has so far burned about 350 acres in total and is 0% contained as of Thursday morning, Sept. 7.