CEDAR CITY, Utah (ABC4) – A Utah woman who had allegedly taken four children she reportedly did not have custody of was arrested in Montana following a multi-state, multi-agency search.

The woman, who is the children’s non-custodial mother, as well as another male suspect, are reportedly awaiting transport back to Utah, with charges of custodial interference and kidnapping pending. The children have reportedly been safely returned to their legal custodians.

The Beaverhead County Sheriff’s Office in Montana said they were advised of a Be On the Look Out (BOLO) for the woman after she allegedly fled Utah and Cedar City Police tracked her cell phone south of Clark Canyon Dam in Dillon, Montana. Police were also advised the woman was reportedly armed with guns and had threatened harm if confronted.

The information, which reached Beaverhead County Sheriff’s on Monday, Feb. 13, around 7 a.m., was reportedly a few hours delayed. As a result, when deputies rushed to the location along with Montana Highway Patrol, they were unable to locate her.

Deputies reportedly received another tip from a missing children specialist with the State of Montana around 4 p.m., with an updated location for the woman along with info that she was in a U-Haul.

Montana law enforcement reportedly acted quickly to locate the U-Haul, finding one of the missing children and a man who was taken into custody without incident. Through an interview with the man, police reportedly learned the woman and the remaining three children were at a hotel in Missoula, Montana, and she was being also getting help in her effort to flee Utah with the children from another 16-year-old teen.

According to Beaverhead County Sheriff’s Office, deputies made contact with the woman at the hotel, and after a “nearly four-hour event,” Missoula Police safely took the woman into custody and recovered the children.

“Without the quick response from multiple agencies, this may not have ended so successfully,” said Beaverhead County Sheriff David Wendt, extending thanks to the several agencies involved. “The teamwork and dedication of everyone involved made a serious and dangerous situation turn out with a positive outcome.”

The Beaverhead County Sheriff’s Office, Cedar City Police Department, Dillon Police Department, Montana Highway Patrol, and the Missoula Police Department all assisted in the arrests and recovery.