OREM, Utah (ABC4) – Evan and Ashley West, a husband and wife power couple, were named the first-place winners in the “Wonderbox Showcase” by LG Electronics. Their prize? A pretty $25,000 paycheck and their artwork displayed on LG’s Times Square billboard in New York City through mid-January.

The West’s design consisted of a digital red and white rocket ship that flies through space, surrounded by meteors, planets, and stars before jumping off the screen. Evan West said the design represents forward progress in all aspects of life and a desire to explore uncharted territories, innovate to find solutions, and share beautiful creations.

“When we saw our names on the screen announcing we had won, we were really excited,” said Evan.

Evan is a motion designer, studying at Utah Valley University pursuing a passion of working at a top-tier motion design studio. His wife, Ashley, is an illustrator, textile artist, and clothing designer studying at Brigham Young University.

LG’s Wonderbox Showcase presented a unique opportunity for the two to combine their talents and work together on a project as a team.

“Working together was a sweet spot of creativity because we could bounce off of each other and give really good feedback and really just change the project to go to a place that I wouldn’t have taken it,” said Evan. “I’m glad we could work as a team.”

The inaugural competition was created to inspire creative designers and artists while providing a platform to kick-start careers into animation. Students were asked to submit “wonderbox” animations, creating their own digital worlds that invited curiosity, then “amazes, engages, and delights” viewers.

The winning design was unveiled on LG’s billboard during a celebration at Times Square. The students, families, friends, and judges flew in from around the country to see their designs displayed for the first time.

“You always kind of dream to see your name in lights at some point in your life, and I don’t think either of us expected to see it this way,” said Evan West. “It was kind of surreal, and it hasn’t quite sunk in yet.”

In addition to the $25,000 prize and digital display, The Wests also received a 27-inch LG Ultrafine UHD 4K Nano monitor, which LG Electronics say is “ideal for creating digitally animated art.”

Evan West expressed his gratitude to the professors at UVU, including now-retired Bob deWitt, Jonathan Bybee, and Gareth Fry for influencing him and teaching him the fundamentals of design.