UTAH COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) — John Coffey and Houdini are looking for forever homes. That is, the two goats that were rescued and put up for auction by the Utah County Sheriff’s Office.

The department started an auction for the two goats yesterday, Feb. 24, with the bidding closing on Mar. 7. The two wethered, or castrated, goats were found near Payson.

John Coffey feeds in an animal shelter prior to being auctioned off by the Utah County Sheriff’s Office. (Courtesy of the Utah County Sheriff’s Department)

John Coffey is a tan, large goat that weighs 180 pounds. However, the department says he is gentle and kind. “He is easy to walk on a leash and seems to steal the hearts of everyone who meets him,” the press release says.

Houdini, named after his tendency to jump over and crawl under fences, is brown and white in color.

“He believed he belonged with some mules found in a field but he was easily spotted and captured, ending his last ‘great escape’,” the release said.

The auction is a sealed bid with offers accepted in person or by mail in sealed envelopes. Bidders must provide contact information and choose a goat to bid on. The public is able to see the animals prior to bidding by calling Central Utah Dispatch and asking to speak to a deputy.

Within the past decade, Utah County Sheriff’s Office has held nine auctions, according to the press release archive, auctioning off 44 horses, 14 goats, one sheep, one steer and one pig.

Houdini feeds in an animal shelter. The Utah County Sheriff’s Office is auctioning off two goats. (Courtesy of the Utah County Sheriff’s Department)

Auctions happen when officers find animals and are unable to locate the owners. The animals are then auctioned off after five days of searching, however, the auction can last 2 to 3 weeks long. Animals, including horses and cattle, have been auctioned for as little as $10 in low-participation auctions, according to the department.

“We are not concerned about revenue, as the costs of keeping the animals is typically much more than what they sell for at auction.  But we want more people to be aware when we have animals to auction so they can perhaps find a good horse for their family, or some goats for their yard,” the department said in a previous press release.

For more information on the bidding process, click here.