PROVO, Utah (ABC4) — A so-called “prank” gone too far in Provo has two families and their daughters traumatized. 

The teenage girls say a group of boys pointed what they believed were guns at them and robbed them, one even recording the victim. 

The victims said it happened at Indian Road Trailhead in Provo. They say a boy lured each of them separately out to this area by telling them he was going through something and needed someone to talk to and asked if they could go for a drive. 

When the car was parked, the victims say the boys ran up to the vehicle with weapons and made them get out of the car, making it seem like the boy who lured them out was also being robbed. According to the victims, the boys put guns against their temples. 

Authorities say the guns turned out to be airsoft guns, but the victims said one boy later bragged that he used a real gun. 

After about an hour, the boys told the first victim that it was a joke but later did the same thing to a different girl. 

Police documents indicate authorities initially were considering charging the boys with aggravated robbery, but instead, prosecutors determined it would be a misdemeanor.

Because the teens are minors, the punishment is not a public document, but the victim’s families say the punishment is virtually non-existent, just a slap on the wrist. They say this sends a message that what they did was not that big of a deal. The families added that because there was no punishment, the boys will likely do something like this again, or something worse. 

Meanwhile, both girls have missed several days of school and are struggling after the experience. 

The Utah County Attorney’s Office wouldn’t go into details on the case, but said what occurred did not meet the legal elements of aggravated robbery. The office added they had a team look over the case and understand the family’s frustration, but they have to follow Utah Law.