OREM, Utah (ABC4) — A customer at Fantastic Sam’s salon in Orem was leaving in her SUV when she accidentally drove straight into the front doors.

According to Corporal Andy Thorpe with Orem Police, the woman was trying to back up and hit the gas, but accidentally left her vehicle in drive. This caused her car to crash straight into the salon, smashing the windows and even injuring one man.

There were approximately ten individuals inside the salon, and when the woman drove her car through the front doors, she sent glass shattering everywhere.

According to Thorpe, the man who was injured only got a superficial cut on the back of his head. Nobody was transported to the hospital.

Thorpe said damages are estimated between 5,000 to as high as 10,000 for the salon. According to him, the only damage was the front door with glass and a half wall.

Courtesy of Orem Police Dept.

Orem Police Department posted about the accident and reminded drivers to be safe.

“Today was full of traffic accidents due to the snow this morning but they continued even after the weather turned nice,” the post said. “Let’s slow it down out there folks!”