SPANISH FORK, Utah (ABC4) — A man charged with the murder of his parents had pictures of them on his phone, already dead.

Tryston Robert Erickson, 26, allegedly shot and killed his mother, Jeannie Parker, and step-father, Timothy Parker, in their home in early March. Erickson was charged with 2 counts of criminal homicide, aggravated murder (domestic violence), abuse or desecration of a human body, and possession and use of a firearm on March 31.

According to Spanish Fork Police, officers found his parents during a welfare check on Tuesday, March 14. The family and friends of the victims called Spanish Fork City officers to check on them after Jeannie missed work on Saturday.

When officials entered the home that Tuesday, they found Timothy and Jeannie had been shot and were deceased. Timothy’s forearm also appeared to be burned after he was killed, the police report stated.

Erickson was living with his parents at the time of the murder and was reportedly seen at the home that weekend. The investigation also revealed efforts had been made to clean up the scene, including cleaning up blood and laundering clothing that appeared to have blood on them.

Their Hyundai Elantra was missing, and officers were able to locate Erickson driving the Hyundai in Grand County Colorado. When officers first attempted to stop him, he drove into oncoming traffic and attempted to flee. Officers were finally able to stop the vehicle and took him into custody in Grand County.

A handgun was located on Erickson’s waistband at the time of the arrest, and two other firearms were inside the Hyundai. The firearms found on and near Erickson were consistent with the type of firearm used to kill Timothy and Jeannie, the police report stated.

When detectives interviewed Erickson, he admitted to stealing Jeannie’s cell phone and car and told detectives he was aware of the firearms in the Hyundai. Erickson then claimed he saw Jeannie and Timothy for dinner on Monday, March 13, and that he was the only person in the house all weekend. However, he has not admitted to allegedly murdering them.

A search of Erickson’s cell phone found photographs of Jeannie and Timothy taken on Sunday night, deceased. The officers also found a debit/credit card belonging to Jeannie on Erickson used to make purchases on March 13. Other financial cards belonging to Jeannie and Timothy were located inside the stolen Hyundai.

Erickson has prior felony convictions in two other cases and is listed as a category II restricted person, meaning he was restricted from owning a firearm.

This is a developing story. Check back as more information becomes available.