SOUTH JORDAN, Utah (ABC4) — A winter storm warning was issued for the Salt Lake County area, and because of this South Jordan and Daybreak are expected to receive heavy snow.

Daybreak Community Association has a plan in place to make the areas safer for travel but needs residents’ help.

They said in an email to the residents to, “please remember to park on the even-numbered side of the street during snow events and for up to 24 hours afterward.”

They said that the City of South Jordan and the Association will be pushing snow through Daybreak. They said that while they are working hard to clear the snow, “be patient with our crews as they work throughout the community.”

The Daybreak Community Association asked that if residents need to leave their homes, keep a shovel on hand in case their streets have not been plowed. They also recommend using extra caution if you decide to travel over the next few days.

South Jordan will plow all public streets, lanes, and alleyways within Daybreak. You can view the South Jordan snow map to see which entity will be responsible for your area.

The Association said they will provide snow pushing for Benefited Service Areas, and Sub-Associations. For more information on that, if you live in a Sub-Association, you should have received an email from your manager with details.

However, according to the Association, if you live in an area with a dead-end alley, South Jordan will not clear these areas, because they are considered private property.

They also stated that if you believe your area has been missed or notice any snow-related damage, please email them at