ELBERTA, Utah (ABC4) — Six of seven missing horses have been found by a Utah County Search and Rescue plane after six weeks of searching.

Bill Boswell, the owner of the seven horses that went missing at the end of Nov. 2022, announced on social media that six of the colts were found and returned home on Jan. 14.

After the colts did not return on their own, officials began to suspect the horses had been stolen, however, they no longer believe that is the case. Officials now say the young horses must have escaped together, but assure that they were well taken care of by their owner.

Officials, horse organizations, and family and friends all helped search for the colts using snowmobiles, 4-wheelers, horseback, helicopter, and drones. Boswell expressed his gratitude to everyone who helped track down the colts saying he felt “truly blessed.”

While it is currently unknown what happened to the last colt, Boswell is happy to have most of his horses back,

“We got 6 out of the 7 but that’s six that we thought we might not see again,” Boswell wrote.

Boswell credited Sherrif Gilstrap and the Utah County Search & Rescue for locating the horses. The colts were located on the latest search from a search and rescue airplane, according to officials.