FILLMORE, Utah (ABC4) — Authorities in Millard County are warning residents of scam phone calls from scammers pretending to be a company claiming to have money for residents.

According to Millard County Sheriff’s Office, they have received reports of increased scam activities in the area and this includes calls from “Publisher’s Clearing House.” Officials are saying the company claims they have money for you, but that you need payment to release the funds.

According to Publisher’s Clearing House, these calls are not coming from the real Publisher’s Clearing House, but are instead coming from a scam artist claiming to be from the real Publisher’s Clearing House.

“Any prize that requires you to pay first to receive your prize is a scam,” MCSO posted on Facebook.

While these calls may not be from the real Publisher’s Clearing House, they have been recently under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission for “deceptive practices.” You can read more about that here.

Officials in Fillmore also said there was a recent scam involving Amber Alerts. According to MSCO, someone posted to an online yard sale stating there was a 5-year-old girl abducted and an Amber Alert had been issued. MCSO said this was false information as the alerts will come on your phone.

“Amber Alerts will be broadcast on cellular phones in the affected areas. Please be vigilant and pass this information on to your loved ones,” MCSO posted on Facebook.

MCSO said if you encounter anything suspicious or fraudulent, you can report it at the Federal Trade Commission Website.