SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah (ABC4) — A woman filed a complaint on Tuesday, Dec. 10, against the City of Saratoga Springs claiming that she was sexually assaulted by a police officer as well as harassed by city officials and law enforcement.

In a press conference, Chantelle Jones said she and her family began to experience random acts of intimidation and threats beginning in January 2019, including having her car tires slashed, windows shot by BB guns and car keyed. Jones said she had no idea who was behind these random acts of threat or why they happened.

In one instance, she was shot in the face by a BB gun, causing her to have a black eye.

She reached out to Saratoga Springs Police Department for help, but officers dismissed her and claimed that she made everything up. One member of the police force reportedly tried to find evidence to incriminate her, saying he was “tired of her” and wanted her “run out of the city.”

This led officers to “act improperly” by following her on errands, parking near her home and trying to admit her to a mental health hospital with a “pink sheet.”

“I never felt like that before,” Jones said. “It was a very, very scary position to be in.”

One SSPD officer, Jones claimed, “purposefully and willfully” manipulated her fears by telling her he was the only person “on her side,” only to use his position of power to sexually assault her two separate times.

The same officer also allegedly threatened Jones several times to not report him, or else she would suffer consequences. When she reported the assaults to the police, they dismissed her once again, with one of them telling her to ignore it and “boys will be boys.”

One detective apparently filed a formal report against the officer who assaulted Jones, and he was suspended and later fired.

“It’s hard to put myself out there in this way,” Jones said during the press conference. “However… I don’t want anyone to ever experience what we’ve gone through.”

ABC4 reached out to the City of Saratoga Springs for comment, and they said they do not comment on pending litigation.