SANPETE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – A Sanpete County couple has been charged with child homicide after they allegedly abused their two-year-old daughter, resulting in the girl’s death.

Juan Castillo, 51, and Anyi Cruz, 22, were both charged with child abuse homicide (first-degree felony) and aggravated child abuse (third-degree felony) on Thursday, Dec. 29.

A Sanpete County Sheriff’s Deputy responded to the hospital after the death of the two-year-old girl Thursday. According to a probable cause affidavit, the girl had been taken to the hospital by medical personnel where she was pronounced dead.

An officer at the hospital reportedly told the deputy that the emergency room doctor “had concerns as it appeared the juvenile had been physically abused.”

An x-ray reportedly showed that the girl previously had broken ribs that were “healed or healing,” the affidavit states, and that there was “a large amount of bruising” over her body that had occurred recently. The deputy was told there were other injuries involved as well, the affidavit states.

The extent of the abuse led authorities to believe that those injuries contributed to the girl’s death.

In an interview with Cruz, the mother of the child, she reportedly stated that she and her husband had “previously and recently” physically abused her daughter.

In an interview with Castillo, the step-father and acting father of the child, he reportedly stated that he had previously and recently struck the girl, but “not to the extent he would have caused injuries.” He allegedly also stated that “she is a clumsy girl” and “would regularly hit her head on her bedframe,” the affidavit states.

A large amount of both children’s and adults’ medication was reportedly found around the body of the girl at their home — on the table, and in the kitchen area.

The couple told police that they regularly gave medication to the girl, and that Cruz gave enough medication to the girl “that she quickly fell asleep.”

Authorities believe that “large amounts of medication” may have contributed to the death of the girl.

Additionally, at the time Castillo was arrested, deputies found a small plastic big in one of his front pockets, with a “white substance” that appeared to be an illegal controlled substance.

Both Cruz and Castillo were booked into the Sanpete County Jail on the charges previously stated.

No further information is available at this time.