JUAB COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – A Provo man has been arrested and charged with four counts of aggravated assault for a road rage incident near Nephi on Sunday, Aug. 20.

Max Craig Judd, 21, was arrested by Utah Highway Patrol after a call came into dispatch that the caller was being followed and threatened on I-15.

The caller said the driver of a blue or green Ford Truck had turned on a light bar on the top of the truck and was tailgating them, passing and brake-checking the caller’s car. The caller also reported Judd was allegedly “flipping her off and recording her.”

The highway patrol worked with dispatch to make direct phone contact with the caller. The caller reported getting off at an exit and while on the phone with the UHP officer began to scream and yell that the truck’s driver had a gun and was walking toward her car.

The caller later told UHP officers she had pulled away from the scene but not before Judd had allegedly fired the gun at her multiple times.

The UHP officer was able to locate Judd in the truck off the exit and demanded he step out of the vehicle at gunpoint. He placed the driver in custody and then also ordered a female passenger out at gunpoint and placed her in his patrol vehicle. Officers then cleared the truck and found a handgun in the glove box with the hammer pulled back.

While inspecting the truck and the area around it the UHP officer found four spent casings near the vehicle.

Officers met with the caller and discovered there were three minors in the car with the woman. Officers found no signs of bullet holes in the car, but the occupants were visibly shaken by the incident.

Judd was transported and booked into Juab County Jail. There are no details available about the female passenger of Judd’s vehicle at this time.