PROVO, Utah (ABC4) – Provo City officials are actively preparing and making plans for potential flooding in the coming months as temperatures heat up and rain melts the snowpack. Officials said in a press release on Thursday, the planning is a precautionary measure.

According to Provo City Public Works Director Dave Decker, a Provo City Flood Preparation Committee has been meeting weekly since February. The committee has been reportedly planning and coordinating with various agencies to prepare for a flooding emergency.

These preparations include identifying the most considerable flood risk areas and developing routes to divert water to protect homes. City crews have also been working by clearing storm drains and the Provo River of debris.

In addition to clearing away vegetation and debris that could clog systems, Provo has obtained more sandbags. According to city officials, the city used over 90,000 sandbags during the 1984 flood. It took nearly 1,500 volunteers and over 3,700 hours to construct the channel to help protect the city.

“Since the last major flood 40 years ago, Provo has been improving its stormwater system as the city continues to grow and develop,” said Decker.

City officials are also asking for residents to do their part by helping to keep gutters and storm drains clear of debris and by clearing yards of any waste and garbage.

“If you notice any blocked storm drains, please contact Provo 311 or the Public Works Storm Water Division at 801-852-6700,” said Provo City Communications Director Nicole Martin. “If the likelihood of flood increases, we will release additional information to help residents know how to prepare and volunteer to help in case of an emergency.”