JUAB COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) — Police say a pregnant 19-year-old attempted to hit a police car while going nearly 100 mph in a police chase, running the officer off the road and down an embankment, according to the probable cause affidavit.

A Utah Highway Patrol officer attempted to pull over Emily Schantz, 19, on Mar. 14, for driving 95 mph when she allegedly accelerated to 122 mph and “recklessly” drove down the interstate in an effort to escape police.

Another officer set up on the right shoulder ahead in an effort to use spikes to stop the driver when Schantz allegedly “swerved” toward the officer’s vehicle.

The officer drove down an embankment “narrowly missing being hit by the fleeing vehicle” and the suspect followed, disabling her vehicle in the process, according to the affidavit.

Police searched the suspect’s vehicle reportedly finding marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and an open whiskey bottle. While police say Schantz admitted to smoking marijuana nearly five hours earlier, she told police she had not drunk any alcohol. Schantz also reportedly told them she was 2 weeks pregnant.

Police tested her blood and urine samples and the preliminary results tested positive for THC, methamphetamine, and benzos, the affidavit said.

Schantz also allegedly told police she was on probation in Nevada and had violated it by leaving the state.

Schantz was arrested and booked in the Juab County Jail on Mar. 14 and is facing ten charges including failure to stop at the command of police and assault on a peace officer with the use of a dangerous weapon, both felony charges.