MILLARD COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) — There might be a number of things to worry about during Saturday’s eclipse, like clouds or traffic. Satanic worship groups, however, are not one of them, according to local sheriff’s offices.

Police are shutting down rumors that there will be a satanic worship group attacking Utahns during the eclipse on Saturday, Oct. 14.

The Millard County Sheriff’s Office is letting the public know that there is a text message going around stating the sheriff’s office is advising women and children to avoid being out during the eclipse because of a satanic worship group.

Authorities said the text message claims that the satanic group will attack women and children during the eclipse.

“This is NOT TRUE,” the sheriff’s office stated. “We have received no such information about any groups like this and have issued no such advisory.”

Millard County Sheriff’s said they welcome all to recreate “safely, responsibly and respectfully.”

The Beaver County Sheriff’s Office also responded to the text messages, stating that they have been made aware “of some absolutely ridiculous rumors that are being put out to the public and it is being said that the information is coming from the Sheriff’s Office.”

Beaver County Sherriff’s authorites said all they ask is for people viewing the eclipse to show one another respect. Additionally, they have concerns about traffic.

“We would request that everyone obey county ordinances and state law. Our biggest concern at this time is excessive traffic,” the sheriff’s office stated. “Stay safe, enjoy the Friday night lights at the football games and the eclipse in the morning. If you do have any issues or concerns, please call us on our non-emergency line, if you find yourself in an emergency call 911.”

For information on where to view the eclipse in Utah, visit ABC4’s story here.