SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) — The Canyons School Board members experienced the “Top Gun: Maverick” feeling when they went on a flight with the Utah Air National Guard on Wednesday.

On May 10, around 11 a.m., school board members took part in an aerial refueling orientation flight, the director of the Canyons School District Office of Public Communications, Jeffrey Haney, reported.

The event was organized by Canyons Board of Education member Andrew Edtl who is also a member of the Utah Air National Guard.

Before the flight, the board members were reportedly given a “mission brief” from Lt. Col. Jeff Gould. Then, they soared the skies after taking off from the Wright Air National Guard Base in Salt Lake City.

The aim of the event was to encourage school districts to guide students toward the National Guard as a military enlistment option, Haney said.