OREM, Utah (ABC4) – The Orem Police Department got the word out about “shenanigans” that officers have found residents getting up to in a humorous social media post on Tuesday.

In the post, Orem Police gives a rundown on the arrests made by five of the department’s officers. Each rundown provided a quirky remark and hashtag before the post closed out with a silly reminder to drive safely behind the wheel over the next week.

The first shenanigan reportedly took place just after 1 a.m. one night. Orem Officer Smith reported to a call reporting an attempted home break-in. Smith reportedly found a man walking through the dark neighborhood who claimed to have thought the house belonged to a friend.

“Running checks on him revealed he was wanted by a few agencies and one of his warrants was for several first-degree felony crimes. Look up some examples of that degree of crime in Utah and you’ll see they fall under the most heinous,” wrote Orem Police, signing off the entry with “#gotem.”

The same night Officer Jordan booked a minor allegedly crawling out of a broken glass door at a local smoke shop. The minor allegedly attempted to steal several vape products before surrendering to police.

“Officer Jordan booked him into the Slate Canyon Youth [Detention] Center after a call to mommy. #allforavape #whatamistake.”

Orem Police said Officer Johnson was in the area of a small car dealership that has suffered break-ins lately when he spotted a suspicious person “acting sketchy.” The man reportedly ran away, jumping several fences to get away. Johnson, who is said to not be eluded easily, found the man two hours later at a gas station and took him into custody.

“At least he got some exercise in before going to jail…it’s difficult to get a long run in those cells,” wrote Orem PD. “#gotanotherone.”

Another officer, Officer Millett responded to a vehicle theft at an apartment complex. A man, 20, said his Honda Grom – which Orem PD described as a small motorcycle sometimes seen with training wheels – was stolen. No word on if someone was arrested in connection to the theft, but Orem Police reports security footage showed two men lifting the bike over their heads and into the back of a Ford F-150 truck.

“In all seriousness, we feel for anyone who gets their motorcycle stolen, no matter how small that bike might be. #lockitup.”

The final officer shenanigan highlighted Officer Harvey’s “perfect week” for making a DUI arrest every night of his 4-day work week.

“If we were a bowling alley, we might play some crazy graphic on our lobby TV with an animated impaired driver being taken to the slammer by Harvey! Alas, we’ll have to be satisfied with the fact that some dangerous drivers were taken off the street. #wildturkey #inmorewaysthanone,” wrote Orem PD.

Finally, Officer Locke shared his warning about snow being expected in the 10-day forecast.

“Some of you can’t hardly drive when it’s dry out,” joked Locke. “Let’s not take substances and then get behind the wheel because firstly, Jesus probably won’t take it, and second, officers like Harvey are on the lookout.”

Orem Police closed out the post telling drivers to use common sense, caution, and turn signals while driving out on the roads.