RICHFIELD, Utah (ABC4) – Richfield City Police Department said they disposed of some “very old” dynamite that had been discovered on Wednesday, April 26.

Police said they were alerted of a “large quantity” of dynamite found in an old shed. The Utah County Bomb Squad responded to the scene along with the Richfield City Fire Department and the Sevier County EMS.

Bomb Squads determined that the old dynamite was too volatile to be moved and that they would have to be burned in place. As dynamite ages, nitroglycerin can leak and crystalize. As this happens, the dynamite becomes more volatile and could potentially explode with the slightest friction and movement.

The Utah County Bomb Squad soaked the dynamite in diesel fuel, which soaks into the nitroglycerin and makes it safer to burn or move. After pouring diesel fuel onto the sticks of dynamite, Utah County Bomb Squad crews remotely lit the dynamite on fire, safely disposing of the explosives.

The shed the dynamite was found in was declared a complete loss as it was caught in the engulfing flames.

The Utah Bomb Squad said the public should never touch or move old explosives. If something is suspicious or you’re unsure if an item is dangerous, contact your local authorities for assistance.