UPDATE (3/7/23, 4:00 p.m.) – The mountain lion has been caught by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources near 1700 N 1200 E in Mapleton. Authorities used a tranquilizer to capture and relocate the animal, according to the Mapleton Police Department’s social media. The lion is a female around 3 years old.

MAPLETON, Utah (ABC4) – Police are warning the public of a mountain lion that has been spotted prowling the area of Mapleton in Utah County.

In a Facebook post, Mapleton Police Department said the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources responded to reports of the mountain lion in the northeast part of town on Monday afternoon.

Police shared pictures of the mountain lion caught on video from a resident’s Ring doorbell. Another picture compared the size of the lion’s pawprint in the snow with a human hand.

The mountain lion reportedly evaded capture from DWR officials. Mapleton police said officers will be back in the area on Tuesday, March 7 to continue tracking the lion.

Police warn the public the keep their distance if they spot the wandering mountain lion and to call dispatch at 801-489-9421.

The heavy amount of snow from Utah’s record-breaking winter has pushed many animals off the mountains and into the valleys in search of food. In February, Elk were a common sight along I-80 near Parley’s Canyon, disrupting traffic. Elk have also prompted a leash requirement for dogs at Parley’s Historic Nature Park in Salt Lake City.