DELTA, Utah (ABC4) — A man from Washington who was recently vacationing in western Utah when he died, is now raising money for lifesaving equipment to gift to the EMTs in Delta.

Ron Baker from Bothell, Washington, was reportedly vacationing in the desert in Delta, Utah when he suffered a medical episode and technically died, he said in his GoFundMe.

However, Baker said he was revived by an ambulance crew from Delta, and thanks to their quick actions, he can “tell the tale of his death.” Baker said that as a thank you to the EMTs who saved his life, he is trying to buy them more lifesaving equipment to assist others.

“Millard County, Utah is a vast, remote county, and every second counts for emergency workers,” Baker wrote on GoFundMe. “I can’t think of a better use of funding for these hard-working, dedicated, and generous group of volunteer first responders.”

The specific device Baker wants to gift to the ambulance crew is a mechanical CPR machine. This device can assist ambulance crews in saving more lives. Baker created a GoFundMe to cover the cost of purchasing the device.

So far Baker has raised $1,810 out of his $5,000 goal. To donate to his cause, you can visit his GoFundMe page here.