NEPHI, Utah (ABC4) – A man who claimed to work for the Department of Defense was arrested on Sunday, Jan. 15 after he allegedly shined a green laser pointer into the rearview mirror of a patrol vehicle while the officer was driving.

According to a police affidavit, Michael Lamb, 29, turned around several times while driving before he was eventually stopped by the officer who he allegedly shined the laser pointer toward. During the traffic stop, Lamb reportedly told police the workforce services building had been shot multiple times and asked for a deputy to respond

When the deputy arrived, Lamb allegedly told law enforcement that the government did not exist and that the police did not have authority. Police reported noting that Lamb had bloodshot, dilated eyes and they became suspicious Lamb was under the influence.

Throughout the traffic stop, officers reportedly found a flashlight in his pocket while they were assisting him out of the vehicle.

“[Lamb] fought with officers and had to be taken to the ground where he could be taken into custody,” the affidavit reports. “[Lamb] continued to fight with officers, actively resisting. [Lamb] was informed that a taser was going to be used if he continued to resist.”

Lamb was eventually taken into custody by police and placed into the back of a patrol car to be taken into Juab County Jail. While in the patrol car, Lamb reportedly managed to get his hands to the front of his body, and began slamming the handcuffs into the window, damaging the cuffs and the window, and getting his hand free from the cuffs.

Police say Lamb claimed to work for the Department of Defense and that he needs to be taken back to his car. He also reportedly claimed to have done “bad stuff” while working with the government, including killing people.

Lamb also claimed to smoke marijuana daily and did not mean to shine the laser into the eyes of the police officer, who he allegedly thought was his friend’s car, according to the affidavit.

Police believe Lamb’s behavior to be caused by “illicit drugs, such as methamphetamine.” Officers reportedly attempted to get a drug test, however, Lamb was allegedly combative and argumentative, and police deemed it unsafe to administer the test.

Lamb faces third-degree felony charges of damaging jails and escaping from official custody as well as Class B misdemeanors of interfering with an officer, refusing a chemical test, and driving under the influence. Lamb also faces a Class C misdemeanor charge of using a laser pointer at law enforcement and an infraction charge for using the laser pointer toward a moving vehicle.