AMERICAN FORK, Utah (ABC4) – A Lindon man was allegedly “showing off the full power” of his car in the moments that led up to a 2021 head-on crash in American Fork that killed two people and significantly injured one.

Cody Joseph Laycock, 24, has now been charged with multiple counts of manslaughter, criminally negligent driving with a controlled substance in body, exhibition of speed on highway, use of marijuana, and an infraction charge of failure to stay in one lane.

On November 6, 2021, police responded to a crash involving an Audi TT and a Toyota Avalon. Police had found that the Audi swerved out of its lane and skidded into oncoming traffic where it collided with the Toyota, causing massive damage to both vehicles.

One passenger of the Toyota was pronounced dead on the scene while the driver died of her injuries just three days later. A third passenger in the Toyota suffered brain injuries and had to undergo “major surgery.” The passenger in the Audi reportedly sustained a head injury.

The night of the crash, Laycock allegedly told police he was “driving stupid,” admitting the crash was his fault and he wanted to “own up” to what he had done.

According to charging documents, Laycock was driving in the Audi with his cousin in the passenger seat. Laycock allegedly asked if his cousin wanted to “see what the Audi could do” and turned off a safety mechanism designed to prevent the car from drifting. Police say Laycock admitted to turning off the safety mechanism to get the full power of the car, knowing it was a trade-off for safety.

Laycock reportedly told police he had taken an S-Curve a little bit too fast and lost control of the Audi at about 57 miles per hour. The Audi reportedly spun out of control and “drifted” before colliding with the Toyota.

Laycock reportedly agreed to a breathalyzer test and drug test after the incident and admitted to the officer he had used marijuana the weekend before. The breathalyzer tested negative for alcohol while the drug test reportedly tested positive for low levels of active THC, but not too impaired to drive safely.