VERNAL, Utah (ABC4) — Melissa and Rod Allen are suing the Uintah County School District over a softball field renovation. 

The Allens built their home on land their family has owned for decades in 2012. At the time, Melissa and Rod said they liked being next to the softball field. 

“We actually enjoyed sitting on our back porch watching them,” said Melissa Allen. 

That all changed in 2019, when Uinta High School built a new softball field. 

“They came into our backyard and admitted to us they knew rebuilding the softball field 30 feet closer to us could cause problems and yet it got moved anyway,” said Melissa Allen. 

While the district put up a higher net to limit the number of balls hitting their home, the Allens say a net doesn’t stop sound. 

“When we can hear the music clearly inside of our home over watching TV or even when showering over the water and can hear the words clearly. That’s problematic. And that’s way too loud,” said Melissa Allen. 

Another issue is the lights. The Allens say they’re too bright and sometimes are left on overnight. 

“Even when you put your shades down it illuminates right through it,” said Rod Allen. 

After years of trying to come up with a compromise with the district, the Allens said this lawsuit is their last resort. 

“Our property will never be restored to what it was before they did this ever. They did that,” said Melissa Allen. 

The Uintah County School District would not comment on the pending lawsuit. While the lawsuit does mention damages including having the district pay for legal fees, the Allens said the two things they want most are for the school to turn down the volume and turn off the lights by 9 p.m.