PROVO, Utah (ABC4) — In a new campaign, students at Brigham Young University gave dairy milk a new look in an attempt to drive milk sales.

A group of 25 students in industrial design, food science, and graphic design programs at BYU took on an invitation by a consortium of dairy farmers to create new designs and packaging for dairy milk.

According to an article released about their campaign, there’s been a 52% decline in the sale of fluid milk in the United States since 1970.

Dairy West, a group of dairy farmers and dairy companies in Idaho and Utah, reached out to BYU for assistance in bringing the sales up. And that’s exactly what BYU students believe new labels and packaging will assist in.

According to the article, the students created 21 unique sets for milk jugs and cartons and tested them with potential consumers, and these three designs were favored the most.

“It was fun to realize the significance of consumer testing and feedback in creating a package that appeals to consumers,” food science major Kanae Lee said.

The students also designed new unique packaging forms for milk, and more with these for concepts that you can see listed below:

  • A rectangular reusable glass container to be used at milk refill stations in supermarkets.
  • Interlocking cartons that can stack on top of each other.
  • A compostable molded paper pulp container lined with seaweed-based plastic.
  • A paper carton containing edible seaweed-based pods of milk.

According to the article, their work will lead to multiple international publications and presentations. Several of the students are scheduled to present their findings this summer at conferences in Barcelona, Spain, and Nantes, France.

The students are also drafting an academic paper on the research to be submitted to a food science journal, and a second academic paper aimed at a design journal.