PROVO, Utah (ABC4) — Breeze Airways extended its winter Bucket List Sale until Monday, Jan. 9, selling tickets from Provo starting at $29 one way to five locations through the month of February, according to a press release.

Breeze Airways, the Utah-based airline founded in May 2021, is providing one-way, nonstop tickets to five locations from Jan. 11 to Feb. 28 for $29-$39 one-way, including taxes and government fees.

The original sale ended Thursday, Jan. 5 and has since been extended to Monday, with the addition of two weeks of flight options due to popular demand, according to the release.

The five flights on sale are from the Provo Municipal Airport to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orange County, Phoenix, and San Francisco.

“We’re excited to offer Provo guests a chance to check some great places off their 2023 travel bucket list,” President of Breeze Airways Tom Doxey said.

The airline provides ‘Nice,’ ‘Nicer’ and ‘Nicest’ flight bundles, with the first option including a personal item and the second including more leg space, a light snack and a checked bag. The ‘Nicest’ option also includes two checked bags, first-class seating and priority boarding. While priority boarding and leg space are ‘nice,’ customers who need more baggage are able to add bags separately starting at $29 a bag without the additional amenities.

Due to the smaller size and newness of the airline, travel times and days are limited compared to larger airlines, with many destinations having only a few days a week available. However, Breeze Airways provides other benefits, such as low-cost tickets, all nonstop flights, and cancellations or changes without fees up to 15 minutes prior to departure.

Breeze Airways currently has 119 nonstop routes between 35 cities in the United States — an increase of 17 cities since last August.

The airline was launched by the founder of JetBlue Airways, Utah-native David Neeleman. Neeleman has founded several other airlines including Azul Airlines in Brazil and WestJet in Canada.