CENTERVILLE, Utah (ABC4) — A 16-year-old teen has died from her injuries after getting hit by a car while walking on a crosswalk last week in Centerville.

Family members of Maya Staples wrote on Caring Bridge that the teen was becoming less and less responsive, and doctors told them that she was experiencing brain death. Test results confirmed on Tuesday, Nov. 15, that her brain had stopped functioning.

The Staples family wrote that they are devastated by the news, but they are thankful for Staples’ friends who showed up in the waiting room to see her.

The family will begin the organ donation process once further testing is conducted by the medical team.

“We know this is what Maya would want to do, and would love for her to be able to spare another family from tragedy,” the statement said.

Staples was hit by a vehicle driven by an 82-year-old woman on Nov. 9 when she was walking on a crosswalk in the area of 2000 North Main St. The driver reportedly cooperated with the police investigation.