Cancer victim desperately searching for service dog


MURRAY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) It was sad Monday to watch 21 year old Catie Mondon walking up and down the street calling “Jade” “Jade.” She’s walked over 20 miles since Saturday night when her service dog went missing.

“I love her,” says a distraught Catie. “She’s not just my service dog, she’s my baby.” Perhaps the only baby she will ever have. Catie was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the young age of 17. After treatment it went into remission, but returned again in 2015.

“That’s when I found out I probably wouldn’t get to have kids, so Jade is just kind of my kid at this point.”

Jade went missing Saturday night during the confusion of a large fire at the Brittany Apartments in Murray where Catie lives.  Jade is a young blue heeler-lab mix and will come if you call her name. She had an identity chip implanted, but was recently removed due to an infection.

So all Catie can do is hope and pray and search. She went to all the animal shelters Monday and called local police agencies, but to no avail. She hopes people reading this will share the story so the word spreads to as many people as possible.

She hopes nothing bad has happened to Jade and that some kind person has her, but remember, it is illegal to keep the dog. Callista Pearson at Salt Lake County Animal Services has this advice. “Bring Jade to your local animal shelter. People have 24 hours once they find an animal to bring it to the shelter. After that it may be considered illegal to harbor that animal.”

Catie will continue to fight for her life as she battles cancer and she needs Jade as she continues her struggle.

“I’m having to make some pretty big life decisions and she’s been there through it all. Every doctors appointment, every hard time, every meltdown. Every time life is rough she’s there.”

Share this story and spread the word about Jade so you can help a young woman to stay strong in her battle with cancer.

If you see Jade, please call Catie Mondon at (435) 237-7490.

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