SPRINGDALE (ABC 4 Utah) – The National Park Service (NPS) says that budget issues could affect your next visit.

Zion National Park reported that they’ve had to delay $62 million dollars in maintenance in just the last year.

“3.2 million folks came last year and it affects everything. It affects the campers by the restroom facilities. It affects hikers with some of our uneven trails and roads,” Alyssa Baltrus, the Public Information Officer at Zion, explained. 

According to the National Park Service Fiscal Year Report of 2014, parks across the nation have put off more than $11 billion worth of maintenance.

“That’s everything from new facilities at the campgrounds, lodging, landscaping the trails, the roofs. Just all your general upkeep of the park,” Baltrus said.

Visitors told ABC4’s Tasmin Mahfuz that they’ve noticed the need.

Don Keeler visited the park two years ago and said that the trail at Observation Park was ‘treacherous’.

“The trail once had nice asphalt on it for a ease of walking and now, it has badly deteriorated,” Keeler said.

Jennifer Yuknus, from Philadelphia, said, “They’re a little bit harder to get through. If they had the maintenance to keep them going, it would be beneficial for everyone.”

NPS said they’ve asked Congress for $243 billion to restore its facilities. Washington Post reported that President Obama’s 2016 budget proposal has requested an extra $150 million to pay for major projects.

Officials at Zion say the money is much needed to improve their quality of service. Parks have said there is the likely possibility that entrance fees will increase this year to alleviate costs.