OGDEN, UT (ABC4UTAH) — More than 400 high school girls got hands on experience in the exciting world of science, technology engineering and math. Stem programs are not always readily available in rural areas. That’s why The Women Tech Council brought ‘SheTech’ to Weber State University today.
The organization hopes to inspire girls to pursue science and technology careers.
30 tech companies introduced students to a wide range of technology.
Jesica Kincaid, 9th grader, “I really like the engineering aspect of it.”

Raelyndelos Reyes, 10th Grader, “I think it’s cool, because in my science class out of the 20 people there are 5 or 6 girls and I think it’s really cool there are this many people to show girls what opportunities and careers they have in the future.”

The Women Tech Council created SheTech to activate, engage and inspire girls around stem careers.
There’s been a shortage of women entering into stem careers and part of the problem is that some students in rural areas have never been exposed to stem programs.

Sara Jones, The Women Tech Council COO, “in Utah, we have this interesting problem, we have a booming economy and tens of thousands of high paying jobs in STEM that are going unfulfilled and SheTech is all about helping girls understand what these stem careers look like and how do you go and get one of these careers and contribute to our workforce.”
SheTech has expanded throughout the state.