Nearly 40 firefighters stop brush fire from approaching Holladay homes


HOLLADAY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Unified Fire Authority firefighters put out a three-acre brush fire early Wednesday morning. The fire was burning near the Old Mill Golf Course by Tolecate Hills Drive and Wasatch Boulevard.

“There were reports of fireworks going off in the area and this is, in fact, an illegal firing area for fireworks,” says Ryan Love with Unified Fire Authority.

Firefighters say when they arrived the fire was two-acres, but because of the wind, it quickly grew to three-acres. Firefighters say luckily the fire moved up the mountainside instead of down and across Wasatch Boulevard. Firefighters from the east side of the valley helped make sure the fire didn’t jump the road.

“There are homes there and that is exactly what we don’t want to happen,” said Love. “So we’re glad we were able to stop the fire in its tracks.”

Love also told ABC4 News that the fireworks were set off in a restricted area.

“If you are shooting fireworks off in a restricted area, first of all, it is illegal. You could face a possible fine up to a thousand dollars if you’re caught doing so,” says Love. “And, it is restricted for a reason, the reason being there is a possible interface area there and there is a potential for high spread.”

Unified Fire Authority has created an interactive map for Utahns to find out if they are in a restricted area. You can find the map by clicking here.

The cause of this brush fire, which is believed to be firework-related, is still under investigation.

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